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British journal of Cancer
  2018 Jun .  
  doi: 10.1038/s41416-018-0133-7.  
  Efficacy of a docetaxel-5FU-oxaliplatin regimen (TEFOX) in first-line treatment of advanced gastric signet ring cell carcinoma: an AGEO multicentre study.  
  Pernot S, Dubreuil O, Aparicio T, Le Malicot K, Tougeron D, Lepère C, Lecaille C, Marthey L, Palle J, Bachet JB, Zaanan A, Taieb J  



Triplet chemotherapy, with docetaxel-5FU-oxaliplatin (TEFOX), has yielded promising results in patients with advanced and operable gastric adenocarcinoma. This may prove useful in treating signet ring cell carcinoma (SRCC), which is known to be chemoresistant and has a poor prognosis. We therefore evaluated TEFOX in patients with untreated advanced SRCC.


Patients with metastatic or locally advanced non-resectable SRCC were treated with TEFOX. Chemotherapy was administered every 14 days, with combined docetaxel (50 mg/m2) and oxaliplatin (85 mg/m2) followed by 5FU (2400 mg/m2).


Among 65 patients enrolled, including 17 with linitis plastica, ORR and DCR were 66.1% and 87.6%, respectively. Median PFS and OS were 9.7 months (95% CI [6.9-11.4]) and 14.3 months (95% CI [11.6-21.6]) respectively. Twenty-six patients (40%) initially considered as unresectable had secondary resection (n = 24) or radiotherapy (n = 2) with curative intent, with median PFS and OS of 12.4 and 26.2 months, respectively.


TEFOX appears to be effective as first-line treatment in advanced gastric SRCC and has an acceptable safety profile. It allowed a curative intent approach in 40% of patients. Considering the low chemosensitivity of SRCC reported with other chemotherapy regimens and pending for randomised studies, TEFOX might be an option in advanced gastric SRCC.

Question posée
Efficacité du schéma TEFOX pour les ADK gastriques à cellules indépendantes.
Question posée
Ce schéma, comme pour les ADK classiques de l’estomac, apparait efficace pour les ADK à cellules indépendantes réputés pour leur chimio-résistance.

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