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- Cancers autres (hors CCR et CHC)
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British journal of Cancer
  2017 Jul 11;117(2):210-219  
  doi: 10.1038/bjc.2017.175.  
  Potentiating the effects of radiotherapy in rectal cancer: the role of aspirin, statins and metformin as adjuncts to therapy  
  Gash KJ, Chambers AC Cotton DE, Williams AC, Thomas MG  



Complete tumour response (pCR) to neo-adjuvant chemo-radiotherapy for rectal cancer is associated with a reduction in local recurrence and improved disease-free and overall survival, but is achieved in only 20-30% of patients. Drug repurposing for anti-cancer treatments is gaining momentum, but the potential of such drugs as adjuncts, to increase tumour response to chemo-radiotherapy in rectal cancer, is only just beginning to be recognised.


A systematic literature search was conducted and all studies investigating the use of drugs to enhance response to neo-adjuvant radiation in rectal cancer were included. 2137 studies were identified and following review 12 studies were extracted for full text review, 9 studies were included in the final analysis.


The use of statins or aspirin during neo-adjuvant therapy was associated with a significantly higher rate of tumour downstaging. Statins were identified as a significant predictor of pCR and aspirin users had a greater 5-year progression-free survival and overall survival. Metformin use was associated with a significantly higher overall and disease-free survival, in a subset of diabetic patients.


Aspirin, metformin and statins are associated with increased downstaging of rectal tumours and thus may have a role as adjuncts to neoadjuvant treatment, highlighting a clear need for prospective randomised controlled trials to determine their true impact on tumour response and overall survival.


Question posée
Méta-analyse des études de radio-chimiothérapie des cancers du rectum, intérêt des traitements associés pour augmenter la réponse complète pathologique (pCR).
Question posée
L’aspirine et les statines semblent augmenter le taux de pCR. La metformine semble également intéressante chez les diabétiques.

A confirmer par des études randomisées.